We provide an extensive range of life and non-life insurance products that are carefully built to satisfy customer’s needs.

Our vision is to be an insurance company distinct in character, calibre and capable. We are committed and equipped to offer the same level of services in the insurance space. We bring to the table the credibility, financial strength and expertise.


Pinnacle Point is a state-of-the-art technology-driven company that delivers world-class services. We seek to create a single technological platform that integrates all the key functions to provide seamless services to our customers through any interface of their choice.


Finally, it is our people who will help us achieve our vision. Pinnacle Point comprises of an array of top notch Insurance Professionals who have come together to combine their experience and expertise to create an entity which will lead by innovation, backed by a prudent underwriting approach.



It has been our vision to become a ‘wholesome’ player in this area of business. With an entire range of products and service offerings, our ‘Financial Services’ initiative will cater to an entire spectrum of customers, and their various financial/insurance needs. The launch of the General Insurance business is a major step in this direction.






We believe in;


Creating a world-class insurance company by constantly maintaining exalted quality standards in all our endeavours.


Providing sustained innovation by working towards ever-evolving solutions. Customer satisfaction has always been our ultimate goal and we remain committed to constantly delivering your needs with our innovative products and services.


Focusing on different customer segments. We endeavour to provide a complete range of general insurance products and specialized services for various customer segments across Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporates with business lines that include Property & Casualty, Automobile, Health, and a special focus on Rural and Micro Insurance.


Following a disciplined underwriting approach, in the competitive market conditions prevailing today. This discipline and its importance to the company have been ingrained in all our employees. We work hard to constantly reinforce your trust in us.

Our Values



In order to become an insurer of choice, we believe in building our business on:


Excellence - We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, everyday. We passionately raise the bar against bench marks set by the stakeholders.


Integrity - We will always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards and by honoring organisational commitments.


Team Work - We work together and foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.


Innovation - We embrace, nurture and support creativity and the development of new ideas, products and processes.


Customer Centricity - Fulfilling stated & unstated expectations of internal and external customers.


Respect for Individual - We treat others the way we like to be treated always. We listen and empathize when dealing with others. We will treat everyone fairly with trust and respect.

Our Company
Our strength lies in our professionalism with recognized technical support, quick response time, a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements and prompt claim settlement.

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