Here's what you'll love about our motor fleet insurance

Keeping your business moving on the road is crucial, that's why we've created our motor fleet insurance with simple and flexible plans whether Comprehensive or Third Party insurance. We also offer Orange card insurance schemes.



Full Insurance Comprehensive


Our vehicle fleet comprehensive insurance policy offers the highest level of coverage for your fleet with up to AED 3,000,000 covered as standard and up to 3 year guarantee inside agency repair. This provides covers against accidental damage to the insured vehicle and third party vehicle or property, also covers injury to third parties and liability to passengers in the policyholder’s car including the following:



Agency repair will be offered subject to conditions:



   Third Party Liability Property Damages

   Off-Road Assistance

   Car replacement benefit (optional)



Third Party Liability Insurance Policy


Have more vehicles or need a higher level of coverage? Our vehicle fleet third party insurance policy will cover your fleet up to AED 3,500,000 and guarantees inside agency repair for 2 years. Third party insurance indemnifies the insured against all sums become legally liable to pay as compensation for: Death or any bodily injury caused to any person, including the vehicle Passengers, (except for the Insured and or Driver of the vehicle who caused the accident, and passengers employed by the insured).

It also covers damages to items and property belongs to third party (except for those owned by the Insured or Vehicle Driver at the time of the accident or the properties kept with them in trust or in their guardianship or possession).



Orange Card


This is a unified insurance scheme, which is required by vehicles traveling from one Arab country to another. It covers Third Party Liability (TPL) as per the prevailing laws of the country where the accident has taken place. Motor Vehicle insurance cover against Third Party Liability, required for UAE vehicles travelling to Arab countries, whereby Pinnacle Point undertakes to cover liability towards a Third Party/Injured Party caused by the Insured Motor Vehicle according to the terms and conditions of the Orange Card for the amounts the insured or the Motor Vehicle Driver must pay.

Motor Fleet Insurance
We‘ll protect your fleet on the road and keep the pricing simple with our motor fleet insurance.

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