Here's what you'll love about our engineering and construction insurance

Construction and engineering projects are volatile even with structured project plans, designs, schedules and experience of seasoned experts.


We customize insurance for projects from holistic perspective after thorough evaluation of the risk exposure. We work together with the project Owners throughout the full project phase starting from Construction activity until completion/handover of the project to the Owners.


We pride ourselves in providing Comprehensive Insurance cover at competitive costs including involvement of industry experts to guide the client and the contractors to fulfil contractual obligations. Our insurance cover provides customized protection for Construction and Third-party liabilities.



The following product are available at suit a client’s business needs:



Contractors All Risks (CAR)/ Erection All Risks (EAR):


Physical loss or damage cover to the project under construction, erection/installation of machinery, plant and steel structures, for materials, equipment forming part of the project being constructed including materials under storage or transit to the site. Coverage available for any loss or damage to Owners Existing Property. Cover also provided for Third Party Liabilities risks.


Coverage applicable to Insured parties includes the project owner, project management consultants, contractor, sub- contractors and other parties involved in the project. We can also review and provide customized covers bench marked to industry standards.

Contractors Plant & Equipment Insurance:


Physical loss or damage to the equipment or plant during operations or at work or during inactivity that could lead to repair or replacement of the damaged item.



Machinery Breakdown:


Cover all types of fixed immovable machinery against mechanical or electrical breakdown. Items such as steam boilers, pressure vessels, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, generators, pumps, engines, turbines, transformers etc.



Deterioration of Stock:


Covers any loss or damage to stock in cold storage due breakdown of Cold storage. This cover available only in conjunction with the Machinery Breakdown insurance for Cold storage Electronic



Equipment Insurance:


Cover for any loss or damage to Computers, Laptops, digital /video cameras etc. caused by any unforeseen sudden physical damage from any cause.

Engineering and Construction
Whether you’re building someone’s dream or building for big business, our comprehensive cover has your back.

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