Here's what you'll love about our marine cargo products

We’ll make sure that your goods are protected whether they’re at sea, in the air or on the road. Our policies can be flexible to the type and regularity of cargo transit, meaning that you get peace of mind whenever and wherever you’re sending the cargo.



Marine Cargo insurance


This provides cover against accidental, physical loss and/or damage to the cargo during transit by sea, air, land or parcel post.



Marine Cargo War and Strikes insurance


This provides cover against accidental physical loss and/or damage to the cargo during transit by sea, air, land or parcel post, caused by war and strikes.



Types of Marine Cargo policies:



Single Cargo Policy


If you’re looking for one-time cargo cover, this policy could be the perfect fit for you. We’ll protect and cover your single shipment from the moment you select us.



Open Cargo Policy


For businesses that are constantly shipping cargo, this policy will provide you with peace of mind. We will automatically cover all of your transits, so you can focus on building your business..

Marine Hull Insurance



Commercial vessels involve a variety of crafts, operating worldwide. We insure Fleet of vessels against the physical loss and damage to Hull & Machinery and Collision Liability arising out of the ownership and/or operation of vessels as per Institute Hull Clauses.


A team of experts in Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company well equipped to handle this very specialized type of insurance, perform pro-active consultancy role to our clientele and indicate the best available coverage alternatives to help them arrive at an appropriate decision regarding Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance Coverage.



What cover we offer?



Subject to agreed limits and values, we can offer Insurance cover as follows:


   Physical damage to the vessel’s hull, machinery and installed equipment.

   Increased value (I.V.)

   Sue and labor expenses (expenses to avert or minimize a loss)

   Vessel’s proportion of general average and salvage charges

   Primary Collision Liability and legal expenses

   War, Strikes and Related Insurances

   Protection & Indemnity Cover



Who is the insured?


   Vessel owners

   Vessel operators and managers

   Parties who have insurable interest in the subject matter insured.

Marine Cargo Insurance
Protecting cargo is in our DNA. So we’ll help your business to grow while you get your goods from A to B.

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