Here's what you'll love about our aviation insurance

Everyone’s aviation and aircraft insurance needs are unique. Our goal is to provide you the best policy for your needs. Pinnacle Point Insurance Company is one of the leading aviation insurance company in the United Arab Emirates with a proven reputation for innovation, client-focused service and performance.



A wide range of covers up to agreed values and limits are available for airlines or businesses for Fixed Wing Aircraft’s as well as Rotor Wing Aircraft.


Our aviation insurance policies include:



   Hull All Risk, Spares All risks & Comprehensive

   Aviation Third Party War Liabilities

   Aviation Hull War

   Aviation Hull Deductible

   Airport Owners, Operator’s Liability

   Hangar Keeper’s Liability

   Maintenance, Repairs or Overhaul Liability

   Airside Third Party Liability

   Products Liability

   Manufacturers Hull & Liability

   Loss of License

   Satellite Insurance

   Aviation Refueling Liabilities

Aviation Insurance
The sky's the limit when it comes to our cover. We’ll do everything we can to keep your business soaring with our aviation insurance policies.

Everyone’s aviation and aircraft insurance needs are unique. Whether you’re looking to protect your people or your planes, we have a variety of aviation-specific policies so your business can continue to soar...
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