Our Promise to you with our car insurance policies
Get straight through to our friendly team, who are available 24/7 to process claims quickly and easier.
Quick and easy claims
Customize your car insurance policy to match your needs, for example if you drive an imported.
Customisable policies
All our car insurance plans guarantee a replacement car while yours is off the road and repairs at the official car dealership.
Replacement car & Repairs
All our policies are tailored to your medical needs to keep you happy and healthy.
Health is wealth
Our large network will give you quick access to the best medical professionals.
Best diagnosis and treatment
We cover your medical emergencies while traveling.
Global Emergency
Our Promise to you with our medical insurance policies
Our Promise to you with our property insurance policies
Our policies will protect your business in the event of an incident so you can keep focused.
Keep your business moving
Should you need to claim, we keep it as straightforward as possible.
Simple and easy process
Our helpline is available at convenient times for you to get the information you need.
Quick response
We offer peace of mind for pilgrims heading to KSA with a plan crafted especially for you.
Hajj and Umrah
Designed for both business and holidays so you can rest assured that you’re covered.
For business or pleasure
Heading near or really far? That's fine. Our cover is truly worldwide for your travel needs.
Worldwide cover
Our Promise to you with our travel insurance policies
We know that you work hard to protect your loved ones. But have you thought about how they would be able to maintain their cost and quality of living if you weren’t able to provide for them anymore? We have a range of simple, flexible and best-value...
Everyone’s aviation and aircraft insurance needs are unique. Whether you’re looking to protect your people or your planes, we have a variety of aviation-specific policies so your business can continue to soar...
Buildings are covered, including apartments, as well as contents and personal belongings. If you rent, you’ll be covered for accidental damage to the property to protect your deposit. Buy the right home insurance policy for your peace of mind...
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